The Manufacturing sector has been identified as one of the potential priority sectors for the intelligent economic development of the country during the mapping phase of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3). The Manufacturing Industry has represented and continues to represent a significant portion of the Albanian economy, creating new jobs for years. Therefore, further intelligent development of this field would be of interest to the country. The inclusion of innovative methods and the use of modern technology in the Manufacturing Industry can translate into added value for the Albanian economy in the future. The potential offered by the Albanian market today is primarily related to the exploitation of competitive advantages, ranging from low production costs to offering high-quality final products. To assess the full potential for intelligent specialization in the Manufacturing Industry, a series of roundtable discussions and a national workshop were organized, involving stakeholders from the quadruple helix, with a focus on several sub-sectors such as Wood Processing, Textile and Leather Processing, Primary Mineral Processing, Automotive Manufacturing, and Building Materials Processing.